Finder's Service

Because you may not find a camper in our stock which meets your needs or criteria,  we at Turner Cars & Campers began offering a "Finder's Service" some 10 years ago and can supply a growing list of satisfied customers who've employed it.   Using this service, we search local internet sites and other ads for campers meeting or coming as close as possible to your criteria and budget.   The ads are forwarded to you via e-mail for appraisal (with translations of the most important info) and you can request we phone sellers for more info on vehicles which interest you.   Once we've found one you think you'd like to buy, my mechanic and myself can travel to and inspect it, making extra detail photos.   We can also negotiate the price.   We then send the extra photos and our impressions on to you.   If you decide to buy, we can assist with a reservation until you can transfer funds for the purchase.   We can also arrange to collect the camper and take it to a storage until your arrival.

We charge E 150 for the "Finder's Service" and E 150 + fuel per inspection within 100 kms., E 200 plus fuel for those further away (if we've all done our homework correctly, one inspection is usually enough).

Registration Service

About 20 years ago the rules were changed when payment for NL road tax and regular controls for insurance became automated, making it impossible for non-residents to register or insure a vehicle registered in NL or other EU countries under their own names.  Because the bulk of our customers is, and always has been, tourists, we had to find a legal way to make it possible for this group to continue being able to buy and legally operate a vehicle throughout Europe and even beyond.   We succeeded in doing this by creating a "Registration Service" by which we "carry" (under contract) the registration for the (Dutch) vehicle you purchase.   This service is free of charge when the vehicle in question comes out of our own stock but is also available for campers purchased from other sources - like via our "Finder's Service" - for E 75 per month or E 700 per year.   We also supply international insurance with green card, good for all of Europe, Turkey and most of North Africa, for E 100 per month.  The insurance covers multiple drivers (as long as we have copies of their license and passport) for damages up to E 1,000,000 per accident and there is no deductable.