Finder's & Registration Services
Finders Service
For those don't see a vehicle meeting your needs or wants in our stock,I
Turner Cars & Campers also offers a Finder's Service whereby we search for campervans and RVs coming closer to your criteria and within you budget and forward the ads on to you so you can choose a vehicle or vehicles about which you'd like us to make further inquiries, negotiate the price and inspect (with our mechanic) to make sure the vehicle meets technical and optical standards which aren't always easy to determine via ads and the photos provided.  

We charge E 150 for the Finder's Service which allows us to seek out appropriate ads, forward them to you (with small description and comments on the vehicle), get feedback from you and follow up on those which appear most interesting by either phoning or mailing the seller(s).   If we find a vehicle which really interests you and you think you'd like to buy if it meets our standards, you can have us travel to, inspect and test drive the vehicle.  Costs for this (important) service are
E 175  (less than 100 kms.) to E 250 (100+ kms.) plus fuel per inspection If we've done our homework right, one inspection is usually enough.  Ask for references if you'd like to hear from some customers who've made use of this service to get the right vehicle.

Registration Service and International Insurance
For those not buying a vehicle directly from our stock, whether it be one obtained via our "Finder's Service" or purchased elsewhere, Turner Cars & Campers supplies Registration Service and international insurance with green card.   Cost for (liability) coverage (compulsory) is E 100 per month.  It has no deductable and covers more than one driver. 

 A more comprehensive policy is also available but costing E 300 per month with a (current) deductable of E 1250 it's usually only purchased by customers buying campers in excess of E 20,000.  When purchasing this policy, you must also take other Registration Service.  The charge is then E 100 p.m. for Registration Service as compared with E 75 per month, available via Turner Cars & Campers.  Customers buying vans from our stock are not required to pay for the Registration Service for
the first contract.  If returning to use the vehicle for another trip, these customers will be required to pay E 75 p.m. when making up a new contract.