About Us
Turner Cars & Campers has been around a long time - even longer if you consider we started out as "Alias Smith and Willard" back in the early 70s when we sold (VW) vans out in front of American Express on the Damrak in Amsterdam.  Since then, we've acquired a working-and-living premises in Utrecht (close to Utrecht CS) and transformed our business many times to accomodate new situations like the one 25+ years ago when our non-Dutch customers were suddenly confronted with not being able to register or insure a vehicle under their own names (something that had been possible up to then).   It took some doing but we were able to create a system, "carrying" the reg and insurance, which enables these customers to legally take their vehicles anywhere in Europe and even into Turkey and Morocco.  

When prospective travellers started getting a little older and demanding more options than a simply converted VW could provide, , we began selling larger RV type campers as well as our trusted VWs .    And, small as we are, we're still at it and now providing extra services like our Finders and Registration Services so travellers who don't have endless financial resources can still enjoy months of travel in Europe, saving by "buying"  a camper which can be resold when their trip is finished (or stored for more trips) rather than spending upwards of E 550 per week for a rental.   Ask me about it, I'll try my best to answer your questions.